Monthly Archives: April 2015

Over the last few months the Origin Sports team has enjoyed a successful skills exchange with the Gateshead Judo club. Chloe and the other Gateshead Judo coaches have welcomed several of the Origin BJJ class members to their sessions, which have proven challenging and enjoyable, and the BJJ attendees have learned a lot about throws from the Judo club members, while the Judo trainees benefited from the ne-waza skills of the groundwork specialists. The exchange has been two-way, with several Judo club members coming to the evening BJJ sessions to get more coaching in ground skills, and it's been great to have them at the club.

Judo is a great sport for all ages, we have youngsters aged 4 - 17 taking the Judo classes now, and the benefits are clear. Judo is a great workout, and it helps to improve your balance, fitness, speed, reflexes, and strength, and it's a great complement to other martial arts. If you haven't already tried one of the Judo classes, we highly recommend them! Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the Junior sessions starting at 6PM and the Adult sessions at 7:30PM.