Monthly Archives: February 2016

Results for the February Kid's League. Thanks to everyone who showed up. It was a great day and there was some brilliant jiu jitsu at all ages and levels.

If you are a UKBJJA member and you gave your membership number when you registered, then the points will be reported for you. A couple of people gave their numbers at weigh-in so we'll add yours too.

If you haven't given your number yet, please add me as a friend and then provide the number and your child's info in a Facebook message. Or email with your child's details by Monday evening at the latest so we can get the points reported promptly. Thanks!

We know today was Valentine's day, so we really appreciate people taking the time out of their day to support the league!

Age 4-6 < 24KG White and Grey Belts

Gold: Harry Smallridge
Silver: Jack Gowland
Bronze: Christopher Ogden
Bronze: Mason Douglass

Age 7-9 < 27kg White and Grey

Gold: Jessica Shefford
Silver: Ocean Davies
Bronze: Janaid Quayyum
Bronze: Jack Lewis

Age 7 - 9 < 34kg White and Grey

Gold: Sammy
Silver: Benn Hambley
Bronze: Cruz Black

Age 7 - 9 < 34Kg Grey and Yellow

Gold: Catalina Cifuentes
Silver: Liam Forsyth
Bronze: Benn Hambley

10 - 12 Grey and Yellow < 50kg

Gold: Amelie Wetherill
Silver: Paige Forysyth

10 - 12 Year Old < 55kg Mixed Belts

Gold: Dylan Greenfield
Silver: Libby Genge
Bronze: Paige Forsyth
Bronze: Will Matthews

13 - 15 Years Gray and White < 38Kg

Gold: Joel
Silver: Ariella
Bronze: Thomas Hales

13 - 15 Years < 50kg Mixed Belts

Gold: Jake Goldthorpe
Silver: John Grey
Bronze: Courtney Yeates

13 - 15 Year Old < 65kg Mixed Belts

Gold: Aaron Givens
Silver: Niall Greenfield
Bronze: Finnula Hodgson

16+ White Belts

Gold: Jack Bonnin
Silver: Ryan Nixon
Bronze: Luke Suggitt

We'll be posting registration details for the next event later tonight. We hope that the event will continue to grow and that we won't need to merge belt levels so much for the next ones.

Thanks to all the kids and parents for a great day.