Other News

Thanks to everyone who supported the second league event. It was great to see people again this month, and nice to see some new faces as well. Here's the results of this month's matches.

We are tracking league totals, and we'll post the rankings for the year to date shortly:

White Belt 4 – 6 Under 24kg

Gold: Jack Gowland
Silver: Christopher Ogden
Bronze: Mason Douglass

White Belt 4 – 6 u30kg

Gold: Lexie Heslop
Silver: Cruz Black

White Belt 7 -9 u30kg

Gold: Luca Parker
Silver: Janaid Qayyum
Bronze: Louis Shiels
Bronze: Finley Gowland

Grey Belt 7 – 9 u27kg

Gold: Jack Lewis
Silver: Bethany Moon
Bronze: William Marriott

White Belt 10 – 12 u38kg

Gold: Thomas Hales
Silver: Josh Baker
Bronze: Bilal Qayyum

Grey Belt 10 – 12 u 38kg

Gold: Joel Wilkinson
Silver: Sarah Barker

Grey Belt 10 – 12 u46kg

Gold: Ariella Wilkinson
Silver: Amelie Wetherill
Bronze: Liam Teesdale

Grey Belt 10-12 u55kg

Gold: Dylan Greenfield
Silver: Ryan Dobson

Yellow Belt 7 – 9 u38kg

Gold:  Samuel Wilkinson
Silver: Harley Crallan
Bronze: Liam Forsyth

Yellow Belt 10 – 12 u55kg

Gold: Alex Williams
Silver: Dylan Greenfield
Bronze: Bailey Jones

Yellow Belt 13 – 15 u50kg

Gold: Amaan Qayyum
Silver: John Grey
Bronze: Alex Williams

Yellow Belt 13 – 15 u65kg

Gold: Niall Greenfield
Silver: Finnula Hodgson

Male Juvenile Feather

Gold: Ryan
Silver: Luke Suggitt

Mixed Belt > 65kg Exhibition Match

Gold: Nial Greenfield
Silver: Jai Savage

Mixed Belt Exhibition Match

Gold: Sami
Silver: Finnula Hodgson
Bronze: Sayed

Girls Mixed Belt and Age Exhibition Match

Gold: Serenity Scott
Silver: Paige Forsyth

February is Heart Month and the British Heart Foundation is challenging people to take a ten minute challenge to improve the health of their heart. If you sign up to the challenge, which is free, then you will get an email every morning for 10 days, giving you a simple challenge to take on that day.Each challenge takes a maximum of 10 minutes to complete, so even the busiest of people can take part.

Even small changes, like trying new fruits or taking a walk in a break, can add up to make a difference. The British Heart Foundation hopes that the challenge will give people the inspiration they need to make sustainable changes to their lifestyles. They explain why each challenge is important, and the science behind each healthy choice, so hopefully you'll pick up some new healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  Are you up to the task?  Why not sign up to the 10 Minute Heart Challenge and find out?

UK Anti Doping is celebrating its fifth anniversary today. Over the last five years, this group has worked tirelessly to promote clean sport. It is best known for the 100% Me campaign, which encourages athletes not just to stay away from banned substances, but also to educate themselves about the supplements and products that they are using.

Clean sport is something that is very important to us. Origin Sports works with both young athletes and adult competitors at all levels of sport, from those training recreationally to those competing on an international level. The pressure to perform is something that all athletes face, and UKAD's work to educate and support athletes, and ensure that they have the opportunity to compete in a fair and safe environment is invaluable.