Origin Sports Health and Safety Policy

In compliance with the Safety Program and Risk Management Policy, it is Origin Sport's responsibility to provide a safe environment for all students, visitors, volunteers and staff. The gym’s facilities and equipment will be monitored and/or supervised by Origin Sports staff. All gym and activity area safety procedures must be followed.


The gym or activity areas that are maintained and scheduled by Origin Sports staff include the gym area, parking area and the toilet facilities.


I. A safe environment shall be maintained within the activity facilities.

1. Activity areas (including the gym) must be locked except when staff a present, with entry only attainable by key. Students in activity areas must be supervised by staff or a qualified volunteer at all times.

2. Flip flops or sandals must be worn at all times when walking around the gym. Bare feet, boots, and street shoes are not acceptable.

3. No shoes are permitted on matted areas. Gym users must remove their flip flops before stepping on the mats. Wrestling shoes are permitted on the mats, however these shoes must not be used outdoors, or to walk around the gym other than in matted areas.

3. All equipment breakage and need for repairs are to be immediately reported to a member of Origin Sports staff.

4. Limit the number of multiple activities within the gym area. Where multiple classes are taking place on the same mat, the areas designated for each activity must be clearly marked.

5. Announce to participants of any activity the inherent risks of each activity and of the various safety concerns within an activity area.

6. Encourage the use of proper safety equipment such as mouth guards and head gear.

7. Hand washing and cleanliness must be strictly adhered to when engaged in sporting activities. Students must keep themselves and their uniforms clean, and keep their nails short, tie back long hair and remove jewellery (in particular piercings) before taking part in sporting activities.

II. Equipment and Supplies use.

1. Upon use of equipment and supplies (boxing gloves, shin guards, Thai pads, spare belts, etc.), return all items to the correct storage space.

2. The Youth Centre is a shared facility. All Origin Sports supplies and equipment are kept near the matted area. Students and visitors are not to use supplies or equipment found in other areas of the gym except with the express consent of an instructor.

3. Origin Sports staff will conduct monthly safety check on all equipment and supplies in the facility.

III. Facility use:

1. Use of the gym for one-to-one or semi-private sessions can be scheduled by students. Students are not to use the gym facilities unless an instructor or a qualified volunteer is present.

2. A register of attendance will be taken during each class.

3. Students who wish to become members of one of the Origin Sports groups must inform the relevant instructor of any pre-existing injuries or health conditions that they suffer from.

Gym Area Safety Policy

Gymnasium area safety concerns.

Users of the gym must be alerted to the risks inherent to each activity and to the facility itself.


1) Participants must be advised that while every effort is taken to ensure that the jigsaw mats are aligned correctly and flat, there may be areas where fingers and toes can get caught in the joints of the mat, potentially causing “judo toe”, broken fingers and toes, strains, sprains or dislocations.

2) Participants must also be alerted to the proximity of the wall, whiteboard and storage boxes to the rear of the matted area, and the location of equipment used by other groups sharing the facility.

3) The majority of activities which take place in the gym are contact sports. Participants must be informed about how to manage their own safety and the safety of their training partners.


1) Engage patients in warm-up activities prior to an intense game or activity. Warm-ups may include stretching, jogging, or playing warm-up games related to the primary activity.

2) Alert patients of risks inherent to each activity and encourage participants to accept responsibility for safety of self and others. Promote alertness in the gym, especially on the matted area. Group leaders should spend time before each activity outlining safe behaviours and going over activity/gym hazards.

3) Spectators of gym activities must be advised to stay off the matted area and to not distract those who are taking part in an activity.

4) Equipment, clothing and other items not in use must be stored or put aside so that participants will not trip over the object.

5) Activity leaders must promote appropriate attire for the activity. Watches, rings and bracelets must be removed when engaged in activities such as basketball in which physical contact is a part of the game.

6) Because there is often a mix of skill levels, strengths and body types, staff must be alert to over-aggressive play by highly skilled & physically stronger players and encourage such players to "take it easy" with players of highly under-matched players.

7) Limits must be set upon multiple activities in the gym. During open mat sessions where students may be engaged in striking, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu or other sports on the same matted area, there must be clearly designated areas for each activity. Students should be encouraged to practice good mat awareness at all times to reduce the risk of accidents.

9) Students must report all injuries or incidents to a member of staff and fill out an accident report. If a student bleeds on the matted area then they must tell a staff member or volunteer so that the mats can be cleaned and they should tend to their injury and cover the wound before being assessed by a qualified First Aider to determine whether it is safe for them to return to play.

10) The use of common sense and good judgment by staff is required at all times to minimize injuries and incidents in the gym.