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Thanks to everyone who supported the April leg of the North East England Kids BJJ league. It was nice to see so many people show up to the event even though it was back at the smaller venue, and to see some first timers take part and earn medals too! We're looking forward to seeing you all again next month, for the tournament in Benfield.

The results of the April leg are posted below. We'll be sending off the results to the UKBJJA so that members of the organisation can get their ranking points updated, and we'll also be updating the local rankings soon. Registrations for the May tournament are open now.

We hope to see you all on the mats again soon, and would like to thank all the parents, coaches and competitors for their continued support and for making the event such a fun experience for everyone. From the newest white belts to the teenage orange belts, everyone is a credit to the sport and to their gyms and we love working with you. Thanks again.

White Belt Age 4-6 < 24kg

Gold: Christopher Ogden
Silver: Lenon Scholey
Bronze: Mason Douglass

White Belt Age 7-9 < < 30kg

Gold: Luca Parker
Silver: Lily Morren

White Belt 7-9 < 34kg

Gold: Tyler Jones
Silver: Luca Parker
Bronze: Michael Long
Bronze: Cruz Black

10:30 Yellow Belt 10-12 <55kg

Gold: Alex Williams
Silver: Dylan Greenfield
Bronze: Paige Forsyth
Mixed Belt 7-9 <38kg Exhibition

Gold: Liam Forsyth
Silver: Alannah Hodgson
Bronze: Benn Hambley

Grey Belt Age 7 - 9 < 27kg

Gold: Jessica Shefford
Silver: Bethany Moon
Bronze: Isla Roberts

Grey Belt 7-9 Exhibition Match

Gold: Bethany Moon
Silver: Aaren Taylor

Grey Belt Age 10-12 < 46kg

Gold: Alex Williams
Silver: Joshua Whittle
Bronze: Amelie Weatherill
Bronze: Millea Strong

Mixed Belt 13-15 <55kg

Gold: Jake Goldthorpe
Silver: John Grey
Bronze: Amaan Qayyum
Bronze: Courtney Yeates

13-15 Years Exhibition Match

Gold: Jake Goldthorpe
Silver: Niall Greenfield

Age 13-15 >65Kg

Gold: Niall Greenfield
Silver: Daniel Cubitt
Bronze: Finnula Hodgson